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  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs


Acupressure, Reiki and
Chinese cupping with

Master Jet Lee 
1.5 hour sessions
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Natural Therapies

Available at The Source

Chinese Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on the
surface of the skin 
to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities.
When these points are pressed, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of
blood and the body's life force (known as Qi or Chi) to aid healing.

Acupressure can help alleviate: pain, headaches/migraines, insomnia, depression, toothache,
digestive disorders including constipation, stress and fatigue. This is a very effective
massage to have during your program as it will realign the bones/skeletal system of the body.

It is an excellent idea to do 3 sessions, each one a few days apart for maximum benefit.

Reiki activates the body's natural ability to heal itself. Reiki energy goes to the deeper levels of
a person's being, where many illnesses have their origin. It works wherever the recipient needs
most, releasing blocked energies, cleansing the body of toxins and working to create a state
The Reiki energy is perceived as heat or sensation that comes from the channel's hands.
It is gentleand stimulates the body's own innate wisdom to cure at the cause of the problem,
promoting a 
holistic balancing of body, mind and spirit. Reiki promotes deep relaxation and
releases blockages within the physical, mental, emotional bodies.

Chinese Cupping is a traditional time honoured therapy that is safe, comfortable and an effective treatment for
many health disorders. Chinese Cupping is a technique used in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for certain
health conditions. Glass or bamboo cups are placed on the skin with suction, which influences the flow of Qi and
blood throughout the body and the meridians. It is used to treat colds, lung infections, and problems in the internal
organs. It is also used to treat muscle and joint pain and spasms, 
particularly in the back. Cupping therapy stimulates
the blood circulation and causes the blood to be drawn to the surface of the skin whereby red marks, swelling, and
circular bruising can appear. These marks will subside within few days.

Seichim, (pronounced "SAY-keem") is an Ancient Egyptian Healing often incorporated with Reiki.
In ancient Egypt Sekmet was considered to be the Mother of the Gods and was known as The Great One of Healing.
Seichim is beautiful way of accessing the energy of the Great Mother and path to deeper self realisation and
It balances and realigns the yin female aspect of our being on all levels, physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual and is an effective energy which can assist in dealing with many female healh problems such as
infertility, hormonal imbalances, PMT & menopausal problems. It also 
readjusts imbalances on deeper levels of the
psyche such as lack of self esteem, the need for/lack of nurturing and especially self-empowerment and love.

Master Jet Lee

is a Reiki Master from China. He studied ancient Chinese Acupressure "Nerve Art Massage”, Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts), and Tai Chi in a monastery in China for over 4 years in his late teens. He then studied in Tibet for 2 years where he learned Reiki and meditation alongside Tibetan Monks.Later, his interest in Meditation brought him to India, where he spent 2 years eating only fruit and drinking water while studying Vipassana Meditation, Indian Head Massage and Seichim. He then travelled to Nepal for 6 months to learn Samatha Meditation. After that, he went to Burma for 2 years where he lived and practiced as a Buddhist Monk. For the past few years Master Lei has been living in Thailand practicing at his own holistic centre on the mainland where he offers Holistic Treatments and Training Courses. He is widely regarded as one of the best in his field.

Yoga and Pilates classes are available on request.

Ear Candling cleans out the inner ear canal of wax deposits. Simple and easy to do. 

Chi Machine to relax and flex the whole skeletal system. Increases circulation and oxygenation of the body and cells.

Natural Therapies Rates

Sessions 1.5 hours / Reiki 1 hour 

Single Session

Three Sessions

Chinese Acupressure

THB 2,000

THB 5,500

Chinese Cupping

THB 2,000

THB 5,500


THB 2,000

THB 5,500

Reiki with Reiki Master

THB 2,000

THB 5,500

Ear Candling (30 min session)

THB 900 n/a

Chi Machine (15 min session)

THB 200 THB 500


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