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  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs



Detoxification - ‘a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances’

A Fast – when you drink juices only (fruit or vegetable) each day
A Cleanse – when you eat whole fruits or vegetables only each day

Q. Can we join/start the program at any time? – yes you can
Q. Do we need to prepare or do anything before we start the program ? – no, there is no need for any ‘pre-cleanse’ or anything like that

The Program
Q. How many days should I do? – any number of days is good to do, however 7-14 days is excellent because the body cleanses/creates new blood in this time period which is significant for our health.
Q. How often should you detox? – you can do a detox program once or several times a year, or another good strategy is to do a detox program and then choose one or two formulas to take ongoing for a few months or longer. This means that you are improving your health ongoing every month instead of waiting maybe a whole year to work on your health again.
Q. What’s the difference between your program and every other program ? – there are two differences:
• Master Herbal Formulas – using proper herbal formulas (herbal medicines) is significant because they modify and c
orrect the ‘inner terrain’ of the body. Thus simply means that they kill off the bad bacteria and the parasites all over the whole body, as well as repairing and restoring all the body organs too. Both these effects have a major improvement on the health of the body, and it is a quantum leap using these formulas as compared to just doing a normal juice fast etc. It makes a huge difference in the overall effectiveness of a health restoration program, in fact it is the missing part of every detox program.
• No colonics/enemas needed – this is because we use a superior herbal intestine & colon formula that both restores and repairs the elimination system rather than just washing it out with water which is very limited method to use which washes all the good bacteria out of the colon which is counter-productive to restoring the correct bacterial terrain of the colon. Our formula both restores proper daily function of the colon and also repairs and restore the whole intestinal tract too (from the stomach all the way down to and including the colon) It is a very sophisticated formula which has the capability to do this and is much more pleasant to use.

Q. Do I need to do a lot of exercise each day? – no, a small amount of exercise is always good to do. Excessive amount exercise will put too much stress on the body especially if you are very out of shape or unhealthy, this would be counter productive to restoring your health. Improve your health first and then you can add in more and more exercise over time, that is the correct order.
Q. Am I tied to the retreat/resort all day or can I move around the island freely ? – because you do not have to do the colonics system and because the formulas are very stable you are free to move around and partake in different activities if you choose to.

The Detox Experience
Q. Will I be hungry if I only take the herbal formulas and drink juices or eat whole fruits all day? – no, because the herbs and the juices or fruits provide your body with so much natural nutrition and daily energy that many people are very surprised that they do not feel hungry at all like they thought they would. 
Q. Will I have good energy each day, or will I be really tired all day while on the program? – you will be amazed that your energy level will be very good each day. The reason for this is that the herbs and the juices/fruits are very good nutrition for your body too and are actually providing better nutrition than your normal daily diet in many cases. Many people are very surprised by how much energy they have during the program and are able to work out daily in gyms etc. too. That said if your body wants to rest then allow it to because repair take place when we rest or sleep. Also, during a detox program is a good time to allow the body to rest form our normal busy daily lives.

Q. Will I be sick or experience nausea or any other harsh detox reactions with the program ? – no. The herbal formulas are very potent yet very stable and do not cause any harsh reactions. They are gentle yet effective. They are amazing formulas in this regard and are a credit to the science of the original Western Herbal System (herbal medicine) that created them long ago. Using proper herbal formulas makes all the difference when doing a detox/weight loss program health program. It is hard to achieve significant progress with our health without them as they modify and correct the bacterial/parasite landscape or ‘inner terrain’ of the body. Herbal formulas that are too aggressive or unbalance would never be a good idea and no toxic herbs are ever used in any of our formulas either as this would never make sense. If the formulas detox you too quickly you can just reduce the dosage down to a more comfortable level but this is extremely rare.

Q. Will I be running to the bathroom all day? – no, this would not make sense, or it would be using something far too aggressive or un-natural on the intestines/colon. Our Flow Formula (intestine & colon formula) is very stable and increases the daily bowel movement from say 1 to 2 or even to 3 times per day. Your elimination system will start to function properly like it should very quickly and will feel much better.
Q. Do I have to do colonics or enemas ? - no, you don’t need to do colonics or enemas on our program as we use a superior herbal intestine & colon formula called ‘Flow’ (capsules) that does a much better job. It does two functions:
It ensures proper daily function of the elimination system
It repairs and rebuilds the whole intestinal tract (starting at the stomach and down to and including the colon)
It also restores the correct bacterial terrain in the colon which is highly beneficial as the colonics/enemas wash all this bacteria out. It is a much superior herbal formula to use than a water method which performs a very limited function, and it is much less invasive too.

Daily Diet
Q. Is the program flexible or must I stick to one particular daily diet etc.? – the program is completely flexible and you can modify or change it at any time with our guidance to help you to do that. You can choose your daily diet from our four menu options. We will show you what is the most effective one to do for the best results but you can decide which one you want to do.

Q. Which is better to use, fruits or vegetables? – fruits are much better cleansers than vegetables and provide better daily energy too.
Q. Is all that sugar from fruits good ? – yes because the human body runs on sugar, this is a medical fact. Natural sugar from what grows in nature (tree fruits etc.) is our natural and correct fuel. Processed sugar is a different substance and best avoided.
Q. What about green drinks (vegetables)? – they have a place in a health program but fruits are much superior cleansers and you will get much better results by using them, and they feed the body during the program too. Green drinks are best in the afternoon for absorption reasons.
Q. What about Candida, doesn’t the (fruit) sugar make it worse? – no. Candida is a bacteria/parasite that should be in the body normally, in the gut actually, where is does a very good job as the ‘clean up’ crew of all the waste. Candida only becomes a problem when it either overgrows or moves to another area of the body where is should not be. This is simply because there is not the correct bacterial terrain in the gut to keep it in check. Bad diet and anti-biotic use etc. compromises the bacterial terrain in the gut. This can be restored properly by using our Formula P (parasite & candida formula) and our Flow Formula (intestine & colon formula) too. Candida feeds off sugar too yes but if you cut off it’s food supply then it goes looking in another place of the body for ‘food’ so this is a mistake to stop natural sugar in the diet. Many customers have completed up to 21 days orange juice fast (sugar) so if it made Candida worse then this would have become obvious. 

Weight Loss
Q. How much weight will I lose ? - everyone loses 2-4kgs (4-9 lbs) in 7 days, some can lose a lot more. The most to date being 6 kgs in just two days. Over 14 days it can be anywhere from 4kg-8kg or more. The weight loss can continue even after the program has finished too with some customers reporting back that they lost an additional 4+ kgs over several weeks after finishing the program. This is due to the effect that the herbs have on the ‘inner terrain’ of the body. Using proper herbal formulas can have long lasting effects including greatly reducing the desire for eating junk foods which many customers report.
Q. What if I don’t want to lose any weight? – that’s ok, you can increase the amount of juices or fruits each day and also 
take plant fats (olive oil or coconut  oil) and/or plant fruits (coconut avocado, durian etc.) each day.

Q. Can I detox too fast? – no, the formulas are very stable and the program is designed to detox gently yet effectively. 
Q. I have a few different problems with my health, can you focus on these different areas ? – yes. There are always more 
things you can do for specific areas of health or different body organ problems
Q. Can I do the program if I am taking any medications ? – we always advise to consult with your doctor who put you on the drugs. In Western Herbal teaching there is no contra-indication between pharmaceutical drugs and herbs. You can email us for more detailed info -
Q. Should I take supplements? – many supplements are un-natural unfortunately. If they are synthetic/made in a lab then this is always a bad idea because the body cannot use something un-natural. You can’t build your health using synthetic substances. If it grows in nature then it is natural, and safe. 
Q. Will my skin sag after I do the OJ or any similar juice fast? – no. When you use natural and correct methods then the whole body adjusts correctly with the weight loss. Customers have achieved 20 kgs weight loss without any problems whatsoever in this regard. If the skin has sagged then it is likely an un-natural method was used for weight loss.

Q. If I lose weight does it stay off or all come back on after I start eating again ? - because the herbal formulas correct the inner 'bacterial terrain' of the body the weight stays off bar a small increase when you first start eating again. This is the significant difference that the herbal formulas make. Losing weight by just doing a lot of exercise for example but taking nothing inside to make this correction will nealry always result in returning to the original weight to when you started, or close to it. This is because the inner terrain was not modified and so returns to it's orignal condition. Another effect that happens by taking the formulas is that they kill off the parasites so people notice that their cravings for bad foods greatly diminish afterwards. This is another reason why the weight will stay off long term. We recommend to continue to take two particular formulas for an extra 2 weeks back home if your stay is short with us in orer to achieve both these results.
Q. How can I continue on with my health progress after the program has finished? - we designed the program with this in mind, meaning that the program should not end when you finish, it can continue on back home. We provide our knowledge documentation to show you how to use natural foods as your medicine back home. By making a few simple adjustments in your daily diet can affect your health in a very simple and positive way.
Q. Can you create custom programs ? – yes we can (Stop smoking program, Menopause, Thyroid, Diabetes, Colon problems, Fertility).

The Herbal Formulas
Q. Are there any unnatural, synthetic or chemical substances in any of the formulas ? – 100% no. Each and every formula only contains 100% natural organic herbs, nothing else added. Because we produce the formulas ourselves we can control what is in them completely. We are very proud of this standard of purity and quality which is very rare nowadays. Our herbal formulas cleanse and detoxify the whole body and also repair and restore the organ systems too. They fulfil both functions which is unique.
Q. Where do the formulas come from ? – we grow the herbs and make the formulas for the last twenty years in Europe. They are the original formulations of The Western Herbal System (herbal medicine), long established as safe and effective. We also source a few rare herbs from around the world to complete some of the formulas. They are handmade and are of greatly superior quality to anything made commercially.
Q. How do the herbal formulas work exactly ? – they go into the stomach, then to the liver which uses them to make it’s own natural substances. Then the bloodstream is supplied with these substances and uses them to go all over the body hunt down and eliminate un-natural bacteria and parasites as well as provide all the different organs with the substances necessary to cleanse and repair & rebuild those organs. So the herbs 'arm the bloodstream' with this capability. It is the blood that does all the restoration in the human body.
Q. How long do the formulas last or keep for? – we have never had a formula go off in 20 years. This is because the herbs are anti-bacteria and no foreign bacteria can survive in them. They self-preserve themselves and because they are powerful no bacteria can survive
Q. Do they need to be re-fridgerated? - no, but you can if you want to. They will keep fine at room temp., just not in direct sunlight.

Q. How do I book ? – just fill in the Booking Enquiry form or email us your preferred dates: We will then reply with all the program info and prices.
Q. How do I pay? – we accept bank transfer, debit/credit card, cash (any currency)
Q. Is there anything else to pay? – no there is nothing else to pay, everything is included in your program price. All taxes and VAT are included too.
Q. Do we need to pre book or prepay? – just reserve your dates and then pay a booking deposit to secure the reservation

People Also Ask
Is Koh Samui good? - Koh Samui is a really beautiful tropical island. It is considered to be a paradise island by both the tourists who visit it and the locals alike with it's beautiful white sandy beaches, abundant palm trees growing everywhere, jungles, and it's warm sea water for excellent swimming. The local food cusine is very flavourful with many various local spices etc, used in cooking your favourite dishes.

Is Koh Samui touristy? - Koh Samui is a tourist destination so yes it is very touristy with lots of big and small hotels catering to all budget types. It has plentiful local attractions to visit as well as many varied types of restaurants and cuisine. The local health offerings include inexpensive Thai massage parlours, wellness resorts and detox retreats all offering varied therapies, beauty treatments and beneficial experiences for your body and mind.

Is Koh Samui worth visiting? - yes as it is a unique and naturally beautiful tropical island with amazing scenery and lovely beaches that offer great swimming and relaxation. It benefits from clean air, the sun, a great variety of many different and delicious tropical fruits growing localy and a laid back atmosphere. There is so much to enjoy on the magical island that is Koh Samui. There is a very good local infrastructure as well and this is being upgraded and improved ongoing. It is easily accessible from the capital Bankok and is only a one hour fliight away when you need a break from the big city.

How many days do you need in Koh Samui? - 5-7 days is a good number of days to see around Koh Samui Island though you may want to stay longer when you experience all of it's natural beauty, it's relaxing beaches and all of it's other popular attractions

Is Koh Samui expensive? - Koh Samui Island isn't an expensive place to visit. It will cater to most travellers budgets with a wide range of different price accommodation. Local food restaurants can be very cheap on the island and very tasty too. It is generally considered to be slightly more expensive than the mainland though as it is an island with higher transport costs of food and other goods being delivered from the mainland

What is the best part of Koh Samui to stay? - The best areas to stay in Koh Samui are: Lamai Beach which is less crowded than other areas, Fisherman's Village Bophut which is a smaller trendy are with a cluster of restaurant and bars, Chaweng Beach which has a lot of activity and is very busy and Choeng Mon which is much quieter and so more laid back atmosphere.

Is Koh Samui better then Phuket? - Koh Samui island is generally considered to be a better option for those looking for a relaxed beach holiday. Many visitors say that it has a more chilled feel to it than Phuket which is another popular destination but is much more developed and hence busier than Samui which still retains a real and original not so developed island feel to it. You can fly directly from Phuket to Samui with the flight only being about one hour.

Is Koh Samui cheaper then Phuket? - while both hotel accommodation, food & drink and activity prices are quite similar on both islands Koh Samui will give you better value in the long run as there are a lot less temptations to spend your travelling money on in that there is a much lower number of large shopping malls, nightclubs and expensive activites.

What is better Krabi or Koh Samui? - Koh Samui is generally seen as a more peaceful destination for both couples and families. Krabi has very good scenery too and dramatic cliffs. Both destinations are catering to high end tourists and backpackers alike with local attractions too that are rich in cultural heritage, offer plenty of other activities, and enjoy very tasty local Thai cuisines. Both are to be explored for endless exciting and rewarding opportunites.

Is Koh Samui dangerous? - Koh Samui is a very safe destination to visit, but naturally when you visit a place that attracts a lot of tourists each year you should take the obvious precautions in general. Safekeeping of valuables for example is always a sensible idea. This may sound obvious to experienced travellers but it is worth noting so that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Are there tigers in Koh Samui? - the local Koh Samui zoo has Bengal tigers, leopards and other wild creatures including monkeys and snakes like king cobras and other reptiles which are all normally found deep in the natural jungle and not near human habitation

Which is the best month to visit Koh Samui? - the best time of year traditionally to visit Koh Samui Island has been December to February, which is the dry season. However is recent years, from mid January to April have been very good months for good clear sunny weather. High season months of January to April, also known as dry season, are busy with nice weather and you won't see the rain during these hot and dry months. The cool season when it rains more is normally from October to very early December, though it doesn't always rain a lot in those months. 

What is the best resort in Koh Samui? - the 5 best Koh Samui resorts are: Six Senses, Kamalaya, Four Seasons, The Ritz Carlton, The Source Herbal Detox Retreat

Is Koh Samui a detox weight loss retreat destination? - yes it is considered to be one of the top wellness destinations in the world with many different health and wellness retreats and resorts on the Island caterng to many varied health protocols and  concerns

What is the best detox on Koh Samui? - The Source Herbal Detox Retreat program is considered the best detox program on Samui due to using extremely high quaility organic herbal formulas, and you don't need to do the colonics system

What is the best wellness resort in Koh Samui? - the top 5 wellness resorts on Koh Samui are: Six Senses, Kamalaya, The Source Herbal Detox Retreat, Banyan Tree, Vikasa

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Thailand? -  Samui has great beaches and crystal clear warm waters to enjoy great swimming and they are generally considered pretty safe for most of the year. The sea does contain jellyfish a few times of the year but you can easily see these washed up on the few beachs that they affect. Some are much smaller and so it is always a good idea to check locally when you arrive at those few times of year

Which is better Koh Samui or Koh Phangan? - Koh Phangan is known worldwide for it's famous Full Moon Party (an all-night beach party) at Haad Rin Beach. The island much like Samui has some stunning scenery and is generally a lot less touristy than Koh Samui. It is quieter than Samui as it has been less developed and does not have an airport on it.

Q. What if I am really sick and I have no money? – talk to us and I’m sure we can help you
Q. I live in a third world country, we have a lot of disease in our area, can you help? -  yes we would love to help you, please contact us

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