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  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs
  • The Source Samui - Herbal Detox Programs


Detox To Go..

 Buy our Master Herbal Program and do it anywhere, at any time
 We ship worldwide 

 Choose Weight Loss or Ultimate Detox program
for 7 or 14 days


• The program is simple and easy to do
   - take the herbal formulas in the morning and again at night
   - choose what to eat or drink each day from our Detox Diet suggestions

• You can do this program with no interuption to your normal daily life
No colonics are required, use our superior Flow intestinal formula instead 

Detox To Go program includes:
• The set of 7 Master Herbal formulas 
(a combination of syrups, tinctures and capsules)
• Full instructions & nutritional information documents

• Detox diet plan (our time proven options with instructions, plus our unique juice fast protocol)
• Health consultation with The Source Herbalist
Support during your program in person or online/email

Detox To Go Ultimate Detox Program

Program benefits and results:
Cleanses, detoxifies, repairs and rebuilds the body organs. Reduces excess body weight naturally and safely.
- eliminates parasites and Candida throughout the whole body          - cleanses and restores the intestinal tract and colon
- re-establishes probiotic flora in the intestinal tract and colon         - cleanses toxins from the body’s organs and cells   
- provides all-natural vitamins and minerals for the body                   - reduces weight (2-5 kgs/4-13 lbs average in 7 days)
- removes heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminium etc.)                   - restores the pH of the body (acid/alkaline balance)
- increases energy levels during and after the program                      - improves circulation-one of the keys to good health 
- reduces cravings for unhealthy foods during and after the program  - reduces bad cholesterol
- no colonics needed, use our superior intestinal formula 
Flow (capsules) instead
- uses historical weight loss herbs to lose excess weight naturally, safely and quickly
- improves skin condition and the digestive system for better digestion and nutrient absorption
- ongoing weight loss even after the program has finished 

The set of 7
 Master Herbal Formulas - a combination of syrups, tinctures and capsules

• Flow (Intestinal cleanse and restore formula) - capsules
  - a sophisticated herbal intestine and colon formula. Flow is not a laxative, it is much superior to that
- ensures daily elimination (without the need for colonics)
- cleanses and repairs the whole intestinal tract and colon
 - restores proper bacterial terrain in the colon
• Formula P (parasite and Candida formula, 33 anti-parasite herbs) - syrup
 - eliminates parasites, Candida and bad bacteria throughout the whole body
- re-establishes a much healthier probiotic bacteria balance in the gut
• Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse (syrup) - cleanses and restores the liver and gallbladder
• Kidney Cleanse & Pancreas Cleanse Formula (tincture) cleanses and restores both the kidneys and the pancreas
• Hormone Herbal Formula (Men's/Women's) - natural 'pre-cursor' hormone herbs to restore the body's hormonal system safely
• Heavy Metals Detox Formula (Yarrow Herb-Tea) – detoxifies heavy metals out of the body slowly and safely
• Virus Eliminator (Olive Leaf) - anti virus (added in to every formula)
• Bacteria and Fungal Eliminator (Wild Oregano oil) - anti fungus and yeast (added in to every formula)
• Lung Cleanse and Restore (tincture) – c
leanses and repairs the lungs using the two famous lung herbs Mullein and Lobelia
                                                         - helps to stop smoking also

See the herbal ingredients in the formulas here

Detox To Go formulas list here
Choose Weight Loss or Ultimate Detox Program
7 Days • 14 Days
For 21 or 28 Days please enquire.
All prices include all taxes. We accept Amex, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and cash (local or foreign currency)
Not included in the Detox To Go program: foods, fruits or juices, therapies.

Start your journey to better health and vitality today...

Where To Buy
On Koh Samui Island: Buy the Detox To Go program at The Source Herbal Detox Centre in Lamai                           
                                Or email or call 089 0679 856 (+66 89 0679 856)
The Source Herbal Detox Centre is in Lamai (south east corner of the island) map 

Read our detox FAQ's here 

Detox To Go Weight Loss Program here

Start your journey to better health and vitality today...

Master Herbal Beach Program 
Master Herbal Detox & Weight Loss Program at the beach. An 'all-inclusive' program.
Master Herbal Beach Program

See Our Herbal Formulas for an explanation of each formula and it's ingredients
See Body Systems Treated for the benefit to each body organ system                                                                                                              

The Source Herbal Detox Retreat, 179 Moo 4, Lamai Beach, Maret, Ko Samui, Surat Thani 84310, Thailand   Ph: 089-0679-856  +66-89-0679-856

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